Nigeria Surfing federation is a National Body of all Surfing professional in Nigeria

We are duly recognised by the International Surfing Association (ISA), the Africa Surfing Confederation and by Nigeria Olympic Committee(NOC) as the National governing Authority for Surfing in Nigeria. The Nigeria Surfing Federation governs and define surfing as Shortboards, Longboard and Bodysurfing, Wakesurfing and StandUp Surfing(SUP)Racing and Surfing,Kitesurfing,Para-Surfing and all other wave riding activities on any type of waves and flat water using wave riding equipment.

Our Mission

To make a better world through surfing and to promote, develop and lead surfing in all its forms,while
connecting the global surfing community and driving accessibility and universal participation.

Our Vision

Spreading the lifelong culture and values of surfing and standup paddling through competition, healthy living, self-fulfillment and a connection to the environment.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To establish and maintain an State association to promote the interests of surfing in all its forms throughout Nigeria
  • To promote and co-ordinate the Surfing activities in Nigeria and participate in international Surfing
    competition,international activities
  • To work for the conservation and improvement of coastal environments and the protection of Surfing resources in Nigeria.
  • To promote the values of good sportsmanship,non-discrimination of any form, gender equality, cultural tolerance and healthy living, particularly
    amongst the younger generation of Surf Sports athletes in Nigeria
  • To promote the educational, scientific, literary and charitable aspects of the Surf Sports, improving cultural and sporting contacts
    between the Surfing nations of the world;
  • To enter into any contract, association or negotiation for the purpose of giving effect to any of the aforementioned objects

Our Recognitions